Sidan är för närvarande under ombyggnad och kommer inom kort vara återställd

Skulpturparkssidan är klar och kan ses här tsv.

Persbo Studio is a creative habitat that was initiated by the artists and the curators Jenny Yurshansky and Fredrik Strid in 2011. Surrounded by the farms and forests of Uppland County, Persbo Studio is a unique artistic platform within the region. It is housed in a structure that is a 100 year old converted chapel. As of spring 2015 the art center is run by Fredrik Strid.


Since the start Persbo Studio has been a dynamic setting for a variety of artistic activities. By establishing a sculpture park, residency program, and workshops Persbo Studio provide an opportunity to engage individual artists and collaboratives to make work, contemplate practice, and engage in discourse. The development of this space comes out of the interest in creating an artistic hub that explores the possibilities of exchange.


The sculpture park invites one artist a year to produce a work on-site, and in response to the surrounding environment. The artist-in-residence program has an open structure within which artists are able to stimulate their ideas and refine the focus of their practice. The studio offers a sounding board for ideas, in-depth discussion, and practical solutions in all areas of artistic activity. Persbo Studio’s function is that of a studio in the broadest sense of the term; a place where the production of work, thoughts and interactions are cultivated.






  • Summer residence artist at Persbo Studio 2018 is Leif Holmstrand.
  • Leif Holmstrands cuntrubition to Persbo Sculpture Park will be inagurated

November 10th at 2pm, Welcome! (Stay tuned for more information)

  • During fall 2018 Persbo Studio is building a new space for the residence visitors
  • Persbo Studio is currently cunstructing a new wood shop, ready 2018.
  • Hemsidan på svenska kommer inom kort / Swedish version of this site will be published soon.
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Adress: Persbo 104 / 815 95 Månkarbo / Sweden

E-post: Persbostudio[at]gmail.com

telefon ateljé:+46 (0)293 54 101

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